Each pallet consisting of 500 sq. ft., is stacked on a wooden pallet, and each sq. yd. is cut in a roll measuring 24″ x 60″ or cut as slabs measuring 18″ x 24″. The weight of a pallet is approximately 1200 lbs. We can deliver 20 pallets (10,000 sq. ft.) per tractor trailer load.




  • Value – (increases market value)
  • Instantaneous Results
  • Erosion Control – (Can be installed on slopes and on inferior soils where seeding is very difficult).
  • Pollution Control – (Traps and removes dust from the air).
  • Water Filter – (Turfgrass acts a natural filter by purifying the water passing through its root zone).




Big Roll


Big Roll sod is cut 42″ wide (two pieces each 21″ wide for flexibility) by specially designed and configured equipment. Average length is 80 linear feet or 31 sq. yards.




  • Speed – (up to 5000 sq. feet per hour, per 3 person crew).
  • Cost Effectiveness – (Greatly reduces labor cost).
  • Greater Performance – (less stress on grass).
  • Ease of Installation – (a tractor and a special adapter for laying the sod does most of the work).


Big Roll sod is harvested and shipped in an enclosed photodegradable polyethylene netting which holds the product together as it is installed. Sports field, commercial projects, and large residential complexes are perfect candidates for Big Roll Sod installation.